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About us

parc cientific de barcelona ddbiolab

DD Biolab is part of the Dutscher Group

DD Biolab is a global supplier for consumables, scientific equipment and quality services specialised in the field of the Laboratory. dDbiolab offers a highly diversified products offer and dedicated to all the main areas of research, development and public or private sector innovation, for fields like Research, Academic research, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Biotechnology, Industry, Health & Security in the Iberian market.


DD Biolab contributes to increasing the global area of Health and Security thanks to the development of a business management philosophy based on responsibility, professionalism, commitment and mutual respect. We promote the decision making in a collaborative environment, in order to encourage the personal and professional development of a motivated team.

Respect for our customers

Our objective is to achieve client satisfaction trough commitment, professional advice, dedicated and personalised services. We believed this objective can only be achieved based on bonds of trust, built on respect to our clients and professionals.

DD Biolab philosophy

At DD Biolab, our commitment is credible to our clients because they can feel our positive attitude. We rely ourselves on the continued application of our pillars values: 

  • Flexibility: Conscious that each person and client is unique, we act consequentially. 
  • Reliability: we honour our commitments and only promise what we can fulfil.
  • Trust: we build trust through great communication and professional experience in the service of our clients.


Great experience in the following fields

  • Pharmaceutical researchMedical research
  • Public and private research Institutes
  • Life sciences
  • Biotechnology Biotechnology
  • Education / Universities
  • Hospital, clinic system
  • Chemistry
  • Security
  • Industries in general

Main areas of attention

  • Cell Culture
  • Molecular Biology
  • Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Serology
  • Storage
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology
  • Plasticware (single use and reusable)
  • Safety equipment
  • General instrumentation: centrifuges, agitators, water-bath, etc.
  • Equipment: fridges, incubators, stoves, etc.

Logistics centre

Our information systems allow DD Biolab to communicate with a 8000 m2 modern logistics centre, in the service of our clients.
There are more than 26 000 products in stock, to fulfil our delivery commitment acquired through a service contract.

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