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360° rotating shaker PTR-35 and PTR-60 Grant-Bio
Source : Grant Bio
3D Blotboy lab bench rockers
Source : Benchmark
5424 and 5425R microcentrifuges
Source : Eppendorf
ASECOS combi safety storage underbench cabinet
Source : Asecos
Agitateur 3D Benchwaver
Source : Benchmark
Agitateur magnétique USB
Source : Enbio Technology
BECELEC electric burner 2
Source : medlineUK
BeadBlaster grinder/homogenizer
Source : Benchmark Scientific Inc
BeadBug bead homogeniser
Source : Benchmark
Bioréacteur CelCradle
Source : VacciXcell
Broyeur homogénéiseur Spiral Mill
Source : Cellcrusher
Bullet Blender® series homogeniser
Source : Next Advance
Cabinets for storage of aggressive, non flammable hazardous materials
Source : Asecos
Centrifugeuse Thermo Medifuge
Source : Thermo
Combi safety storage cabinet, fire resistance 90 min (NF EN 14470-1)
Source : Asecos
Combi safety storage tall cabinet (fire resistance 30 min. EN 14727)
Source : Asecos
Cooled safety storage cabinets UB-S-90
Source : Asecos
Digimage system
Source : Major science
Digital peristaltic pump
Source : Major Science
Dose It P910 programmable peristaltic pump
Source : Valdea
Source : Maestrogen
Eppendorf BioSpectrometer
Source : Eppendorf
Eppendorf µCuvette G1.0 BioSpectrometer measuring cell
Source : Eppendorf
FastGene Fas-Nano transilluminator for Smartphone and Tablet
Source : Nippon genetics
FastGene Fas-V imaging system
Source : Nippon genetics
Fireboy Plus electronic burner
Source : Integra
Flo400 Automaton
Source : Gentec
Genie Pulse Vortex mixer
Source : Scientific Industries
Genie rotating shakers
Source : ScientificIndustries
Grant LSB and OLS shaking water baths
Source : Grant Bio
Grant-Bio PHMT thermoshaker for microtubes and microplates
Source : Grant instruments
Grant-Bio QBD dry block heating systems
Source : Grant Bio
Heidolph Titramax orbital shaker for microplates
Source : Heidolph
Heidolph Unimax orbital shaker
Source : Heidolph
Heratherm microbiological incubators
Source : Thermo scientific
HettCube laboratory incubators and cooled incubators
Source : Hettich
IKA Ultra-Turrax Tube Drive Control disperser
Source : IKA
Imageur FastGene FAS Digi
Source : FastGene
Incu-shaker incubator shaker
Source : Benchmark
Intelli-Mixer RM-2 blotter and vortex mixer
Source : Elmi
Jenway 6700 series spectrophotometers
Source : Jenway
Jenway 73 series spectrophotometers
Source : Jenway
LT Ecocool Grant-Bio refrigerated / heating circulating baths
Source : Major Science
LabArmor bead baths
Source : labarmor
Liquid aspiration system
Source : Grant Bio
MBE-200 and MBE-300 BluView Transilluminator
Source : Major Science
MSC microbiological safety workstations
Source : Thermo Scientific
Major hybridisation oven
Source : Major science
Max Q 8000 shaker
Source : Thermo Scientific
Microjet microwave autoclave
Source : Enbio Technology
MyFuge 12 mini-centrifuge
Source : Benchmark
OHAUS Explorer balances
Source : OHAUS
OV5 Homogenizer
Source : VELP
Omni Bead Ruptor homogeniser
Source : Omni International
Omni TH homogeniser
Source : Omni International
Orbital shaker
Source : Major science
Orbital shaker - Orbi-shaker CO2
Source : Benchmark
Orbital shaker for PMS-1000i microplates Grant-Bio
Source : Grant Bio
Orbital shakers - Orbi Shaker
Source : Benchmark
PANASONIC -86 °C chest freezers
Source : Panasonic
PS-3D shaker with platform Grant-Bio
Source : Grant Bio
PS-M3D Multi-Function 3D Rotator Grant-Bio
Source : Grant Bio
Pompe péristaltique Lab 2015
Source : Shenchen
Pompes à vide Rocker
Source : Rocker
Pompes à vide Rocker 300C avec système de filtration pour bouteille à col GL 45
Source : Rocker Scientific
Recirculating air filter system for retaining solvent vapours
Source : Asecos
Roto-Shake Genie
Source : Scientific Industries
RotoFlex series rotators
Source : Argos technologies
SI505 and SI500 shaking incubators
Source : Jenway
Safety cabinet 30 min for flammables
Source : TRIONYX
Safety storage Q-Classic cabinets, fire resistance 90 or 30 min (NF EN 14470-1)
Source : Asecos
Safety storage tall cabinets, fire resistant 90 or 60 min NF EN 14470-1
Source : Asecos
Safety storage underbench cabinets, fire resistance 90 or 30 min (NF EN 14470-1)
Source : Asecos
Sartorius Secura laboratory balance series
Source : Sartorius
Soundproof extraction units for safe capturing of escaping vapours
Source : Asecos
Soundproof ventilation chambers for ASECOS cabinets with integrated filtration
Source : Asecos
Spectrophotomètres Implen Nano
Source : IMPLEM
Sub Aqua Pro Advance, JB Nova and JB Academy water baths
Source : Grant Bio
TSU and TSE Thermo freezers -86 °C
Source : Thermo Scientific
Source : Major science
ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive disperser
Source : IKA
Vacusafe Comfort aspiration station
Source : INTEGRA
Vacusip supernatant aspiration system
Source : INTEGRA
Ventilation / filtration chambers
Source : TRIONYX
ViTL Co-Mix combined vortex and plate mixer
Source : Integrated Technologies Ltd
Vortex Genie 1, 2 and 2T
Source : Scientific Industries
WCC-101 Winpact chiller
Source : Major Science
Water baths/heat blocks
Hot plates and stirrers
Mixers - Homogenisers - Dispersers
Heating mantles
Fraction collectors
Concentrators - Evaporators
Electrophoresis tanks and power supplies
Ovens - Incubators
Closing systems
Hybridisation and Microwave ovens
Fridges - Freezers
Laminar flow cabinets
Histology apparatus
Timers - Counters - Stopwatches
pH meters
Lampes - Electricité
Postes de sécurité microbiologique
Safety (cabinets, hoods, refrigeration)
Sterilisation - Purification - Incineration
Thermomètres et hygromètres
UV - Transilluminators - Imaging
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