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Cell culture
Labcon Centrifuge Tubes, 15 ml
Système de culture de cellules dendritiques MicroDEN Corning®
Plaques de culture SPL pour microscopie confocale
Corning® Elplasia® Microplate for spheroids
Molecular biology
Labcon 96-well PCR plates
Labcon 384-well PCR plates
Labcon 96-well q-PCR plates
Tapis de bouchons pour plaques 96 puits Labcon
Molecular Biology - Nucleic Acids
SolisFAST ADN Polymérase
Mix qPCR SolisFAST
Tubes pour prélèvement sanguin PAXgene
Endonucléases de restriction gamme Nippon Genetics
Molecular biology - Proteins
Luminescence Assay System, Assay Kit
PERKINELMER reporter gene assay Kit for quantitation of firefly luciferase
Quick Coomassie blue stain
Serology - Immunology
Corning® ELISA 96 and 384-well Clear Microplates
Corning 96-well UV-Transparent Microplates
Reagent reservoirs 55 ml and 100 ml
Reagent Reservoirs
Analysis - Measurement - Microbiology
EVE PLUS Automated cell Counter
Paraffin dispenser 5 L
Microscope slide Box - 100 Slides
Pasteur Pipettes, Soda lime glass, non-sterile
Storage - Screening
Aperio Semi-Automated Vial Capping and Decapping System
IntelliXcap Automatic Capper & Decapper
Corning® 1536-well Plate
Pipettes - Dispensing
Sapphire MaxiPette Pipette Controller
Corning Lambda Pipettor
Axygen Axypet Pipettor
ClearLine® Serology Pipettes
Tips - Micropipettes
Micropipettes Transferpette S
UV Pipette Carousel with germicidal UV lamp
Eppendorf Research plus and Xplorer plus Micropipettes, 16 and 24-channel
HandyStep® S and HandyStep® Touch Repetitive pipettes
Tubes and racks
Floating racks for Labcon microtubes
Labcon PCR Multi-Microtube Rack
Tubes à centrifuger 15 ml et 50 ml exempts de métaux lourds
Tubes à centrifuger 15 ml et 50 ml UVsafe Labcon
Labcon Freezing box for 15 and 50 ml tubes
Racks for 4 x 6 cryoboxes
CryoPod Portable cryogenic Carrier
ClearLine® White Cardboard Cryo Boxes
EUROBOX containers with solid walls
Wide Mouth Bottles
Colour Scoops
White Scoops
Dissection - Sampling
Stainless Steel Containers
Stainless Steel Dissecting Pins
Tubing clamp
Stainless steel spoons and spatulas set
Microsart vacuum manifold
Celltreat Syringe Filter
Celltreat Filtration units
Celltreat Fibreglass filter
Wheaton® Complete Pak
Flask, wide neck
Petri Dish with counting grid
Soda-lime glass desiccators
Health and safety
Distributeur inox pour gants en boîte ou sachet
Masques antipoussières pliables VFlex
Masques pliables série C300 3M
Demi-masques réutilisables 3M Secure Click Série HF-800
C0226R Refrigerated centrifuge
Nanoready Touch microvolume Spectrophotometer
Incubating Cooling Thermal Shakers
Mikro 185 Centrifuge Pack with rotor 18 x 2 mL
Serum, media and reagents
HYCLONE versatile media without serum
Hyclone range - Buffered saline solutions
CORNING PF Versatile medium without serum
Hyclone AdvanceSTEM range for mouse stem cells
Bacterial culture media.
NOMAD Microbial Testers
Agitateur à pale HEI-Torque Core
Agitateur à hélice VELP OHS
ORION STAR Titrators
Produits chimiques - Analyse de l'eau (Agro)
Colorimètres monoparamètre and multiparamètres HANNA
Colorimètres monoparamètre HACH DR 300
Equipement (Industrie)
Sièges techniques BIMOS Nexxit
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