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Promotions and novelties - Offer valid from June 12 to September 30, 2020

Dear customer,
During this very unusual period, we feel it is essential to offer you this promotional brochure in order to enable you to continue your activities in the best economic and service conditions.
For this reason, we have selected a list of materials, equipment and consumables at the best prices, covering all the laboratory's needs.

With motivation and commitment from all the teams that have been more energetic and voluntarist than never before, a total operational capacity and flexibility adapted to your demands, a very large stock and a wide choice of products,DdBiolab is the supplier that will always offer you a solution.

We race against the clock every day to serve you as well as possible and as quickly as possible, to allow you to do your purchases DDbiolab.
Thank you for your trust.

Kind regards.

DDbiolab Team

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