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Key products GE HEALTHCARE

GE Healthcare Life Sciences is a branch of the General Electric, dedicated to health.

Today with more than 100 years of expertise in the life sciences field, GE Healthcare Life Sciencesoffers solutions for the work of biological research to clinical therapy with products for research, "drug discovery", diagnosis and bioprocessing in constant innovation to meet the needs of researchers and biotechnologies industialists, by guaranteeing them quality products.

Many brands find themselves under the name of GE : Whatman, Hyclone, Pharmacia, Amersham?

DD Biolab offers you a wide range of GE Healthcare Life Sciences products dedicated to life sciences and biomolecules.

Sample preparation

> Filtration thanks to filtration units for the preparation of small sample volumes. Choose your filter according to your needs:


> Choose your application

> Extraction, cleaning and amplification:


> Choose your DNA type

> Enrichment by magnetic beads

Protein purification

> Affinity Chromatography (antibody purification, purification of poly-histidine proteins and metal chelation (IMAC), purification of GST / MBP fusion proteins and Strep II labeled proteins, covalent immobilization of a ligand and many others types of columns)
> Ion exchange chromatography
> Hydrophobic interaction chromatography
> Gel filtration chromatography
> GE Columns
> Concentration
> Desalting and buffer change


> Western Blot : Transfer, Marking and Detection

DD Biolab company is an official distributor of GE HEALTHCARE products

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