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Carbolite Gero is a company specialized in thermal engineering. An expert in vacuum technology and specific atmospheres, this company, which has many years of expertise, designs high-temperature furnaces and high-quality ovens that meet the standards of research and global industry.

Furnaces and ovens from 30°C to 1800°C are manufactured in England, high temperature furnaces up to 3000°C are made in Germany. The control, recording, measurement and data processing devices benefit from fully traceable certification.

Suitable for a wide range of applications such as preparation of samples for calcination, incineration, application of heat treatments, drying or sintering, the CARBOLITE-GERO products come in many options. They are designed to meet the highest expectations and requirements in terms of functionality and quality.

DDBiolab is the exclusive supplier of Carbolite - Gero in Spain

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